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Segurnou offers comprehensive services to individuals, businesses and groups whatever their sector development.

In the following sections may obtain information products and risk plans more comprehensive features designed for your needs.

If you or your company required to cover other needs, please contact us using the links provided on the contact section. Analyze, and advise you and design a plan suited to your specific needs.


Products, If you wold like detailed information on each of our risk cover products you can see all of them in our products section. They are grouped under the following categories.


Detailed information on commercial sectors, communities and homes which specify some of the most common covers for each of these.


Information on the auto sector. Cars, motorbikes and mopeds. Fully detailed and stating each of the covers for each product along with the conditions and the amounts insured under the covers of each risk.

Civil Responsability

Products exclusive to Civil Responsability in the case of domestic animal aggression, communities (neighbours), exploitation, work accidents which may cause injury or death to employee.

Savings and Investment

Investment subject to taxation and their relevant fiscal advantages from investment funds in property with its different categories of risk to other products involving long term saving, pensions plans, or retirement plans.

Life and Health

In this section you will find information on the products which cover you personally and or your family. Cover for accident, precautionay measures, benefits, health, life, life savings and live insurance. You can select the ones which suit you best from the different plans.

Si los productos expuestos no cubren satisfactoriamente sus expectativas, no dude en ponerse en contacto con nosotros, analizaremos personalmente su caso en particular y buscaremos la solución adecuada a su necesidad. Para ello, puede visitar la sección de contactos.

Companies, Groups and Public Administration

We have created a society NOU-RISC CONUSLTING S.L. as Risk Management

This can be defined as a process of planing, organising, managing and controlling the resources and activities of a company in order to minimize the adverse affects of accidents and at the minimum cost possible.

Risk management can be understood as the application of techniques to identify, evaluate and control risks in the company. Our service includes:

  • Inspection of engineering-carried out by engineers specialised in prevention and security.

Identification, assessment, analysis and evalutation of risks

Using the inspection report we work with all the departments involved to study the levels of probability and seriousness of accidents.

  • Included in the report are the recommendations to lower the risk and a detailed study outlining the situacions which may provoke accidents, risks.

Analysis of insurance programme

  • Detailled study of the details of valid insurance contracts.
  • Design of insurance programmes an proposals of the policies to follow.
  • Calculation of levels of deductions.
  • Transfer by means of clauses in mercantile contracts.

Prediction, prevention, protection

Development of a control plan and improvements to eliminate or reduce risks.

  • Elaboration of emergency and contingency plans.

Risk finance

Franchise deductions, losses, deductibles, limits of compensations…

  • Transfer of different insurance contract: exoneration clauses, subcontracts…
  • Insurance policies (contracted through broker)
  • Founder program to size the company to pay all you monthly insurance.

Mission and Action

We provide the administration with tools to help make decisions with repect to the prevention and finance risk policies most suitable for the company

  • We carry out analysis, follow up and control of the risks, the performance of the brokers, the policies, the capital insured and the accidents.
  • We coordinate the most suitable improvements and adaptations according to the functions of the company.
  • We collaborate in the design of emergency and contingency plans.
  • We collaborate with the department of Engineering Security.
  • Emergency plans.
  • Contingency plans.
  • Periodic reports.
  • Profesional study of the risk.
  • Knowledge of the external control marked.


  • Improvements in the prevention of incidents
  • Reduction in damage from accidents
  • Speed in the recuperation of business activity
  • Knowledge of the present situation
  • Quality and adaptability of contracts
  • Optimisation in the insurance bonuses
  • Management dedicate less time in prevention insurance control.

Access to information (under construction)

Segurnou, offer you as their client the exclusive right to to access information concerning your policies and to interact with the system.

To access the data base you should register as a user using the links in the e-client section. This will give you a log in and a password so you can enter for the first time. If you are already registered this allows you to change your password if you wish.

Once we have identified and confirmed your details the system will allow you access to a help screen.

From here you will be able to change your personal details and consult policies, latest receipts and any accidents, incidents which my have occurred.

You can also ask on line for any of this information to be changed if you feel it to be necessary. To change your personal details you should press on the appropriate link. A page will appear where you can correct possible errors or make changes. In order to activate these changes you must press “Send”.

From this page, pressing on the links, you can call up the following:
  • Modify bank account
  • Modify risks insured
  • Report Incident, accident
  • Change form of payment
Remember you must press the “Send” button once you have filled in a form.

According to the modifications which you want to make we provide you with a series of documents in varios formats which you can download fill in and send by e-mail as an attatched document. adjunt. To do this go to the document section where you can download: document used in case of mutual agreement of parties re cause incident (mutual agreement form), changes in members of a collective policy, and many others which may be of use.


  • Automobils, boats

  • Combined

  • Industry

  • Civil Responsability

  • Saving and Investments

  • Life and Health