Our company

Segurnou Insurance broker

SEGURNOU offers its comprehensive services using a methodology very precise: first appointed to the executive responsible for the account, making an inspection of assets and risks, assesses the current coverage to determine the various options and their cost, as well as political action more appropriate in each case (prevention and safety, expertise, finance).

More interesting given the option by the customer, negotiates contracts in the best market conditions with companies with proven reliability, even providing an individualized plan of financing and advising on the implementation of administrative rules and internal procedures for contract management and claims in case of accident.

We can offer a full service in risk management, insurance contracts and other business packages adapted to individual business sectors.

We have a professional and technical team qualified to contract and to manage your needs. We look for the ideal solution to your problems.

These actions undertaken with our clients como with an added value deposited by Segurnou, offering you a personalised service with a high level of satisfaction.

In Segurnou you can receive information on the plans and products which we offer and this is backed up by the contracting and direct management of the products through permanent contact and a personalised service.

Why trust in us?

  • Professionals in insurance

    Our mediators have a specific training which allows us to satisfy the needs of our clients and to give then accurate and reliable advice.

  • we are easily accessible

    To take out an insurance policy or to ask for information our clients don’t have to make an appointment. You can drop in or you can phone us and we will attend you on the spot.

  • personal service

    We know our clients by their first names and they know us.

  • We offer solutions

    The mediators study your individual needs and offer solutions with covers tailor made to each case.

  • We defend the interests of our clients

    We handle an incident from the first claim until the payment of the compensation and we periodically update the contracts and covers.

With many advantages Segurnou

  • They have highter professional qualifications

  • Recognised for being honourable and for their experience

  • They offer a full and personalised service

  • Gauranteed savings

  • Defense of your interests