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Here is a list of telephone assistance 24 hours in an emergency, the companies we work for either a car breakdown, such as a pipe break in the case of several (households, communities, trade ), or if health etc … even the car.. [+]


Contact us SEGURNOU are happy to receive your questions. To help us give a rapid response we would appreciate it if you would choose among the following areas. Client Support General information on how the web page works, it’s… [+]

Specialist insurance company

Motor Insurance

The objective of motor insurance is to cover the civil responsability of the driver of the vehicle with regard to imcidents in circulation and with the...


Insurance cover for businesses, communities (blocks of flats, houses or offices) y hombres, owned or rented with a wide range of covers and a maximum...

Civil Responsability

Liability operating, accident, products, pollution, administrators and counselors , animals and communities.


Plans and Pension funds are a product of final savings and allow creation of totally flexible capital .

Welcome to Segurnou

SEGURNOU Insurance Brokers (Registration J190GC in the Special Register of the General Directorate of Insurance), provides advice on risk management and insurance and have contributed more than 35.000 contracts, its customers include individuals and leading companies with national and international presence, in the most diverse sectors.

Has an important technical and commercial with a great capability, with a team of trained professionals for recruitment and management of more specialized coverage, giving solution to each and every business needs, whatever their level of business.

SEGURNOU offers its comprehensive services using a methodology very precise: first appointed to the executive responsible for the account, making an inspection of assets and risks, assesses the current coverage to determine the various options and their cost, as well as political action more appropriate in each case (prevention and safety, expertise, finance). (+info)

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