Liability of Directors and Senior Officers D & O

Liability of Directors and Senior Officers D & O

The reform of the Companies Act 2003, the new Concursa’l Law, the Law of Transparency and the Code ofGood Governance means greater vigilance on the decisions of managers and directors of companies, andrepresents increase in the liability regime of the charges and owners of these companies.
In fact, current law already requires the directors, managers and directors of any company to respond, even inhis personal assets, for damages caused to third parties, shareholders / partners or the company itself formanagement decisions that taken.
This liability regime affects both the Company Law (Art. 133 to 135 of the LSA), the Limited Partnership (Art. 69Law 2 / 95), Cooperatives (art.43 Law 27/99, Foundations (art .17 Law 20/02), and sports organizations (art.142-148 Decree 58/2010).

Proposal for companies:

Its turnover is less than 3,000,000 €
Its activity is not related to: tobacco, banking, insurance, biotechnology / pharmaceutical, construction andproperty development and telecommunications.
There have been complaints or knowledge of any circumstance or incident that may lead to further claims
Limit                       Premium plus tax
600.000,00 €                       500,00 €

1.000.000,00 €                   750,00 €

1.500.000,00€                   1000,00€

2.000.000,00€                  1400,00€

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