Civil Responsability


      Guarantees the payment of money damages that the insured must satisfy civilly liable for property damage, bodily injury unintentionally caused consequential third parties in accordance with applicable laws.


      Ensures Liability for injury or death suffered by employees as a result of an accident.

      This coverage is intended to protect the liability of the insured (manufacturer, seller, installer, etc.). For the personal or material damage and injury as a direct consequence of one another, their products, goods, services or work performed may cause after delivery, faults or deficiencies due to acts or omissions in the different operations before delivery.


      Ensures Liability for injury or death suffered by employees as a result of an accident.

      While in Spain this type of risk is covered by compulsory insurance against accidents and other fringe benefits of social security, the injured employee may claim additional compensation company based on any deficiencies in the safety, claims contemplated and expressly consented to the principle of compatibility of the compensation as set forth in the General Law of Social Security.


      Understood as the derivative of the damage that may cause the product obtained (as a result of business) after delivery. The duration of this coverage shall be as stated in the clauses of each policy having its effect upon delivery of the finished product. The area of ​​product liability is very wide, affecting all companies, in some way involved in the design and development at different stages of all types of goods to be sold.


      The aim of the Professional Liability insurance is precisely to address the personal and material damage that involuntarily, any errors or omissions, the professional may have caused its customers, and any harm that they might arise. This insurance is a guarantee not only for workers but also for those who contract their services.


      The liability insurance for directors and executives offers executives protection from personal liability and financial loss they may suffer as a result of improper or negligent acts committed or allegedly committed in the performance of their functions in the company. The purpose of this insurance is to protect the personal assets of these charges, guaranteeing payment of compensation for the resulting civilly responsables.Este insurance covers the payment of compensation, costs of defense in both civil and criminal procedures as well as bonds or expenses constitution for civil liability or guarantee for parole.


      Three-module structure COVERAGE

      A. Environmental pollution liability, excluding costs of decontaminating the soil itself.

      B. Decomtamination of soil.
      Cover the costs of decontaminating the soil which holds the insurance business, which is expressly excludedproviding the module A). This coverage has been separated into a separate module because it will require hiring of additional information and apply specific criteria for risk assessment.

      C. Liability for contamination.
      For this module ensure damage to people, property and economic losses resulting from pollution.

      Damage to third party guarantees that may cause your pet accidentally.
      Compulsory insurance in case of dog breeds considered dangerous by the competent authority in each region. This guarantee of third party damage coverage may be supplemented by sums insured in case of death of the animal or veterinary costs resulting from accidents.


      Damage to third parties that may accidentally cause the common areas of your building and with consideration of the joint owners as third parties in the communities.

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